This is a Plone PAS Plugin to authenticate your users against Active Directo ry.

Why bother, when there's already LDAPUserFolder and the like? Tools like LDAPUserFolder tend to make a couple big assumptions:

  1. You want to import your entire LDAP tree into Plone
  2. You can provide a static username/password combination to Plone to query AD< /li>

In my situation, neither one of those is true. My office has tens of thousan ds of users, and my plone site is only used by about 60 people...importing 50,000 users to only use 60 of them is just silly. Also, due to security issues, I'm really not comfortable giving my site a static usern ame/password combo for AD to this server.

Instead, the SimpleLDAPAuthPlugin does the following:

All in all, this is painfully simple, but for situations where LDAPUserFolder would not be appropriate, it might be useful.

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